Welcome to Tiny DataCenter. Here you'll find a series of video and text guides that should help you integrate these wonderful devices into your daily computing tasks.

You might get some new ideas. It's very easy to start a business in this new economic landscape.

It is built from ARM based single board computers, or SBCs for short (scientifically tinius computerus aka tiny computers). They cost $50-100 USD for most uses, and can be reused by having several spare SD cards on hand (like old bootable floppy disks).

Bonus: It uses ARM processors and are unaffected by the Intel branch prediction bugs!

Don't forget to ask about our shortest ruler on Amazon special :)

Here are episodes:


  1. Setting up a new RasPi with a Hello World web site
  2. Connecting to a netwwork and accessing the web site
  3. Using Docker to keep the site running between reboots
  4. Adding a desktop environment
  5. Creating a maintainable site in progress up next!
  6. Let there be scale - adding a CDN
  7. A fancy way to collect feedback - API and storage
  8. Going live - configuring the home router
  9. Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick
  10. Talk nerdy to me



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