December 30, 2023

Maintainable website, in practice

I was able to get the old TinyDC website online without and problem.

Built using old version of semi-obscure lagnauge/tool ecosystem, Clojure/Lein/Cryogen in a Docker container.

Rather than a complaint of broken builds, this is a celebration of the old build still working.

Sitting in a random Starbucks on the cheapest possible Laptop, I'm able to rebuild my 5 year old website.

This introduces the borrowed idea of a Cold-blooded software and refocuses it to the greater devops stack.

In the years since I launched this family of projects I've continued to apply their principles to my own engineering, from which I am attempting to extract them.

This is a small win that I wanted to share to get the ball rolling. Tons more I could share; once again, support via Patreon is the best as it signals to others some regular support. I may explore per-publication support model there instead of monthly, as an accountability tool.

Stay tuned, and thanks for the support if you've already been involved.

Tags: episode-wip