• 1x raspi 3 - sattelite studio
  • small touch screen (480x320)
  • picam
  • wiimote
  • bluetooth keyboard
  • hercules RMX mixer
  • battery pack

The newest member of the family, this little guy is still under construction. It's built with cheap equipment and initial testing really impressed me, as far as video recording capability. I did a test walk out to the beach for the sunset with the box I'd just built running at 540p recording at 30fps/8mbit and ended up with a ~360MB file. The screen thankfully has a power switch that I was able to turn off. Raspivid can display to output seemingly very cheaply, and also write h264 encded video to the file system (using the nice RPi OMX hardware).

This DC may also pull in the LTE box I have which is through T-Mobile... from there I can seemingly get $5/day access with 500MB which would be great. I've paid $90/mo for the 22GB plan from them in the past while I was waiting for my home fiber to be installed.

VIDEO Raspi Cam Test

  • Video - about 12m in is interesting

NOTE this lives on iSpooge server right now...

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