What's a Tiny DataCenter?

  • Tiny means really small.
  • Data is information. What's the universe?
  • Center is in the middle
  • DataCenter is where shared computers live
  • TinyDataCenter is where your computers live on your kitchen table

What's it do right now?

It's hosting the its website, including streaming video that I'm producing about how to build it.

There's a GitHub repo that you can clone onto a new tiny computer like RasPi to follow along and build your own.

Who is this for?

This is for passionate amateurs who'd benefit from generating, operating, and destroying their own origin system. It leverages cloud services for distribution, interactivity, and syndication. If you're a nerd, you gotta have a POSSE.

Who else?

A network full of nerds might not be very fun... but it may be! The idea is that if you have an IT system and a little money for a tiny compuer, you can have an "old Ford" that can do whatever you want.


I bought a RasPi1 tiny computer that sat in a box for a few years. Then I bought three more RasPi3's to give myself a reliable home computer–and I've operated cloud infrastructure. Then, I couldn't stop making demos or seeing the posibilities unfolding everywhere. It's like I'm in highschool and there's a buy-one-get-60-free deal on computers.

Why make a vodcast?

Two reasons:

  • First, this material needs to be online

I know how, have time, and enjoy teaching.

  • Second, because it seems hard.

It's hosting itself along with video tutorials about how to build it. I thought this would be a convincing use case, given the processing, bandwidth, and technical know-how required to build a streaming video platform. Ie. if this is possible, what isn't?

"No but really, I mean, how are you going to make money?"

I don't know, but I always have the money I need. So if I just keep going with it, what's the worst that could happen? I considered Amazon referral links, etc. But I got the idea of sponsorship and within minutes started seeing other projects doing it. I also got the idea from somewhere that not selling them myself would help me reamain impartial. So... where am I gonna get money? I'll leave this here–Patreon.

When can I use it?

It's available now. Episodes are coming out as fast as I can teach myself how to produce them.

How can I use it faster?

If you want it faster you can contribute some currency, time and money are good. I don't want to make big plans, so do what you can and I'll work with you. Results speak for themselves, great products fly off the shelf...

"You sound like a dick"

I build great stuff and am on a mission, no time for snakes. To get on my good side give me money or be easy to work with on pull requests and I'll take your suggestions under advisement :)