• 1x raspi 3 - streaming site
  • iptv encoder
  • blue yeti mic
  • ms studiocam hd camera

This DC has carried the ispooge site for a while. It's within TinyDC and getting the mobile Analog Zen as a sattelite soon. This is a nebulous one to be called a DC in itself, but since it's not tied to its parent and can be carried away and has additional functionality, it's its own thing.

In the past couple weeks it's been the host for the iSpooge Daily live stream (and annoying stream testing). It's good for that purpose but it's for better or worse also turned into the main development box I'd been using. I'd perhaps expand the tinkerboard used for Boob into the mix but since I switched iSpooge for Boob they don't both have a place as of yet. The t-board will probably be used for compilation and things of that nature, since it has 2G ram and is fast.