February 4, 2018


Simple website

(Not scalable)


  • Tiny Computer


  1. Download and write RasPi SD card image

xz -e hypriot-1.7.0.img.xz

dd if=hypriot-1.7.0.img of=/dev/sda bs=128KB conv=fsync

When this completes, the card is ready to boot up the RasPi.

  1. Insert SD card into RasPi, boot up, and configure
  2. Create a new directionctory with index file and start script

cp tinydatacenter/starter-website.com mysite.com

cd mysite.com

nano index.html

Nano is a text editor similar to MS Word, except it runs without a cursor or windows that can be moved around. It's called a "Command line tool"

If this is too uncomfortable we can skip sraight to installing a desktop system so that you can use a normal window based text editor.

  1. Create initial files
  2. Create scripts to start and stop the server


  1. Start website with start script
  1. Make a change
  2. Rebuild and restart website


  1. Stop script
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